Eleven Fifty Four

Privacy Policy

tl;dr: Your data is not our business. We do not want it and we will do everything within our power to keep your data controlled strictly by you.

The Slightly Longer Version

We do not actively collect any user information on this site or in any of our products outside of normal web server logs. Any data inputted into our application stays on device or within the platform's data synchronization service. The developer never collects or even sees your data. This is by design.

Any information that is passively collected by this site or our applications (i.e. logs) will not be sold, shared, or in any way be transferred to a third party. It will also not be used to market to an individual unless they specifically opt-in to such communication. Again, you are not the product.

Any change in policy will be reflected on this page.

For any privacy related concerns, email us at the link below.